Mashal Trust is an Educational Charity that was set up to help and support children who are keen to get an education but do not have the means to do so.
Sponsoring a child with Mashal Trust is a rewarding way to help change their life and future.
Mission statement
We are committed to support quality education of children who come from underprivileged families. We provide full time education to these children and support them throughout their educational career.
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Please donate generously so that we can continue supporting these children for whom education is not a basic human right but a luxury of life.
Our current programs
Currently we are running two school projects. One in Lahore called Mashraq School and one in Hajjiabad, Mansehra called Mashal School Lilbinnat. We also support vocational training of young ladies throughout our charitable projects.
Mashal Trust is a Specialist charity

Providing high quality education to children who are economically deprived. We focus on reducing child labour through the means of schooling. Increasing access to education is an effective means to improving the overall economic and social livelihood for them and their families..

Underpriviledged families are more likely to send their children to work rather than school. This is because they are unable to pay the tuition fees of the school and the need for children to contribute to household income or assist with the family business is viewed as more important than the benefits to be derived from their regular school attendance.

Sponsoring a child with Mashal Trust is a rewarding way to change children's lives and their future. Through Mashal Trust's child Sponsorship Scheme, you have the opportunity to help the most desperate children and to provide them a sound level of education.

For only £14 per month you can make a big difference in the life of a child. This amount covers tuition fee, school uniform, school supplies and food for the child.

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Help them get their basic human right

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