Sponsoring a child with Mashal Trust is a rewarding way to help change their life and future.
Our Programs


Primary School

Our project running in Lahore, Mashraq School, is a full time institute at our premises: 498 Tariq Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. There are 7 primary classes on site and these consist of 9 full time teachers including the head teacher. We also have a caretaker who is responsible for the daily maintenance and running errands for the school. The administration of this project is overlooked by 2 generous and dedicated volunteers: Saima Adnan and Inayatullah Khan.

Secondary Education

We have 3 secondary classes from Years 6-8. We encourage the children to continue their studies, after Year 8, in mainstream schools as our Trust will support their expenditures such as school fees, books and stationery. Currently, 2 girls and a boy from the Mashraq School have been moved into these mainstream schools to further their education and they have performed outstandingly in their exams. We invited them back to the school in order to give them a cash prize to inset the love of education into their hearts and encourage them to build on their knowledge.

Higher Education

We have raised awareness of the importance of higher education with the families of these children if they wish to attend college education and university. We realise that the costs are significantly increased for higher education, but we remain committed to fund these costs for these children. We strongly believe that education remains the only way out of poverty for both them and their families.

Vocational Training

There are many young girls who were deprived of their basic human right of attending school due to various reasons. These intelligent and enthusiastic girls remain committed to acquire skills to contribute to the society. Hence why we have now started vocational training programs for them. We strongly believe that gaining these skills will give these girls a sense of equality and confidence for their future lives. We have recently helped a young widow with kids to set up her own small sewing school in her home. We have provided her with sewing machines and guided her with the basic skills needed to run her small venture. We keep in touch with her on a regular basis to continue supporting her and to help her overcome any glitches.



Secondary School

It has been 2 years since the starting of our school ‘Mashal School Lilbinnat (For Girls)’. There is already a government facility providing primary education for the girls in Hajjiabad, Mansehra but to partake in further education they have to travel to bigger cities and therefore¬†most of the girls stop their education after Year 5. Because of this we¬†have started this secondary school for girls, Years 6 and up in this village. The biggest challenge faced by our teachers was to convince the parents of the girls to send them back to education and continue their studies. Alhamdolillah, we managed to overcome this hurdle.

Adult Education

We have also started classes for adult women who were previously deprived of the right to study. We are teaching them basic reading and writing skills and simple maths so they have the knowledge of managing their own household bills and expenditures.

Nursery Education

When these women attend classes for adult education, we provide nursery classes so that they are able to bring their little ones along as well. The kids also get a chance to learn and play.

Vocational Training

The sewing school is very popular here at our Mansehra project. The teacher is very talented and very keen to pass on her knowledge and expertise to the students. The ladies are also very enthusiastic to learn how to do embroidery and how to cut and sewing different outfits and dresses. The sewing machines were given to us as a kind donation. The lady who scores the highest in her assessment at the end of the 6 month course is awarded with a sewing machine, with which she can start her own work at home. We also provide prizes to the 2 runner-ups as an incentive to work hard and continue developing their skills.