Sponsoring a child with Mashal Trust is a rewarding way to help change their life and future.
Our programs

Primary School. 

We are running a full time primary school at our premises at Garden Town Lahore. Pakistan. Tshapeimage_5here are 6 primary classes on site. There are 6 full time teachers, one head teacher and one helper that are responsible for the daily running of the school. The administration of the school is over looked by two generous and dedicated volunters. Saima Adnan and Inayatullah Khan.

Secondary education.

The children who have completed primary education are now admitted to secondary schools and trust is supporting their expenditures including travel. Tution fees, books and travel costs are funded by our trust.

Higher education.

We have raised awareness of the importance of higher education with the families of these children if they wish to attend college education and university. We realise that the costs are significantly higher for secondary education, but we remain committed to fund these costs for these children. We strongly believe that education remains the only way out of poverty for them and their families.

Vocational training.

There are many young girls who were deprived of their basic human right of attending school due to various reasons. These intelligent and enthusiastic girls remain committed to acquire skills to contribute to the society. Hence we have now started vocational training programs for them after school hours. A full time sewing teacher is running regular courses at our facility. The duration of the course is 3 months. At the end of training these ladies will acquire a vocational certification that will help them get a paid job or become self employed. Sewing machines will be provided to these ladies at the end of their training. We strongly believe that acquiring these skills will give these girls sense of equality and confidence for their future life.