Sponsoring a child with Mashal Trust is a rewarding way to help change their life and future.

Q: How much of the donation will go towards the charitable project.

A: 100% of your donated money is going towards providing the education to the children. Trustees and the volunteers are not charging for their time spent on this project.

Q: What is the future plan for expansion of this project?

A: Our plan is to open more schools in other cities and expand the current programmes.

Q: Can I visit the schools that are supported by Mashal Trust?

A: Yes anybody who wants to visit schools is most welcome to do so and meet the children, staff etc with prior arrangement. Please email us on mashaltrust@gmail.com to arrange.

Q: Can I sponsor a child and overlook the educational progress over years?

A: Yes you can sponsor a child for the primary education. Moreover if you want to sponsor a child who is likely to progress to secondary school, college and university please let us know. All these children come from very poor back ground and do not have means/access to higher education. Funding the secondary school education will require higher donation per child.

Q; Does school own its own building?

A: Yes. In 2014 after benefiting from a generous donation of £ 72,000 we have been able to secure a new building for the primary school. Now we are fundraising to buy another school building as demand from the local area remains high. Aim is to collect £ 100,000 in 2016 towards the cost of school building.

Q: What will happen when these kids will finish the primary education?

A: The children will be given an opportunity to go to any mainstream secondary schools and the Mashal Trust will arrange their financial support. From April 2016 our first batch that has finished primary education will start secondary school and Mashal Trust will support all the education and transport costs.

Q: What curriculum the kids are following in school?

A: The books are Hassan series for Nursery Class and Punjab Text Book Board and Radiant Way. Standard educational curriculum is followed.